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VOLLER Diamond Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP) Flooring - Herringbone/Ivory

One more residential project has just been completed. They uses VOLLER Diamond Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP) flooring - Herringbone pattern with Ivory colour. This flooring design imitates the natural color difference, you can see that the colour contrast is greater than the normal flooring.

Our RVP flooring is made of new stone powder and PVC material, not recycled mixed rubber. No phthalate plasticizer added, non-toxic and more stable.

We are a Hong Kong flooring brand providing 25-year structural warranty!

Design, production, sales, installation and maintenance, one-stop service. We are RVP waterproof flooring experts and we provide a unique one-year installation maintenance service! The best flooring choice for quality and confidence!

SGS test report proves that our product is safe and stable:

Formaldehyde Emission - Not Detected!

Lead - 10ppm (Safer than the 90ppm standard for children's toys!)

Slip Resistance - R10 (Commercial Grade Standard)

Dimensional Stability after Exposure to Heat - less than 0.1% (better than the 0.2-0.3% common qualification standard for similar products)

Phthalate Emission - Not Detected!

The flooring is easy to install, no nails or glue needed, and can be directly laid on the original tile or wooden floor (it needs to be flat enough). It can be installed even you do not want to move out, it can be quickly refurbished.

Hong Kong exclusively provides same pattern and colour scotia & stair nosing. The installation effect is more consistent and beautiful!

20 color options, the colors and textures produced according to the preferences of Hong Kong customers. Welcome to contact us anytime for inquiries.

Whatsapp: +852 6767 1097

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