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PalmEco Baord

Palmeco Master Board made from recycled palm fibre and natural minerals, the Palmeco Master Board provides a wealth of benefits to support your next building project.

PalmEco Board is an eco–friendly alternative to gypsum, wood and cement-based building board. It is a revolutionary new building board that is tough, durable, versatile, and easy to install. It also especially delivers a superb high-quality finish.

PalmEco Board is produced by a patented low energy manufacturing process that innovatively binds eco-friendly natural fibres in a magnesium oxide matrix. This process produces no toxic emissions and is almost carbon emission neutral.

PalmEco Board

Manufacturing the PalmEco Board requires less than half the energy to produce, which ultimately results in a lower carbon footprint and lesser impact on the environment. The board is also completely recyclable, thus reducing landfill impact.

No trees were cut in the production of the PalmEco Board. Instead, biodegradable palm fiber waste was used.


  • Virtually impervious to water — can be fully submerged for long periods of time with no affect dimensionally and in weight

  • High fire resistant

  • Unaffected by insects, including termites and carpenter ants

  • Non-nutrient for mould or mildew

  • Completely non-toxic

  • Strong impact resistant compared to other lining products

  • Homogenous construction to eliminate delaminating

  • Produced, tested and certified to stringent standards

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