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Acoustic soundproof mat

Acoustic Soundproof Mat is made of high-density polyethylene foam with nano technologies, mainly used in KTV, dancing rooms, factories, home cinemas, etc. where high dB noise affects most, especially made for commercial centers or entertaining places. It performs exceptionally well in cutting off ramming sounds, highly effective on isolating sound and noises. When used on 14cm concrete floor board with 4cm cement and ceramic tile on top, it can reduce sound of 48dB.


Its holes and diameters are all made out of special design which can provide the function of isolating sound, avoid vibration, water and mold proof, can be used in damp environments. It is eco friendly and can be used for over 30 years depending on usage. Plus it is fairly easy to install, what you need is only cutting tools.

Model Number: Vineco 5

Material: High density polyethylene

Application: Studio,dancing room, KTV, home cinema, etc

Size:1000*50000 mm

Thickness: 5mm,8mm, 10mm, 11mm

Color: Black

Shape: Sheet 

Environmental: E1 grade

Feature:soundproof, anti-vibration

Size: 1000*1000mm

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