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BS1088 Okoume Marine Grade Plywood

We supply Marine grade plywood with 100% African Okoume. This pink marine plywood is now popular in the marine industry for meeting standard BS1088.


Okoume is famous for its durability and highly stable nature to meet performance requirements under marine conditions. Bonded in Phenol Formaldehyde and passing 72 hours boiling tests, the multiple layered board has its strength, stability and high impact resistance all rolled into one. Finally, the tight grain of Okoume with smooth surface provides an excellent base for marine paints and varnishes. High quality gloss finishes can be applied on both sides of the board.


ECO FULL works with the partner which is one of the few factories from China that provides products passing BS1088 test. Together we manufacture and supply marine plywood that is certified by the State Forestry Administration of China. Our Okoume marine grade plywood is certified by Lloyd's Register "Type Approval Certificate".


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