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Bamboo Poles and Fences

Ranging from 30-150mm diameter, these huge natural wonders are specifically picked and differ from scaffolding bamboo. These matured Moso bamboo poles could be stained or keeping their natural yellow/purple colour. They could be arranged to form different patterns and add a rough feel to your interior. 

Bamboo rolled fences are the sustainable alternative to fences of other materials. Bamboo fences has extraordinary strength and durability. Regular checking can make them go on for years until it is to be replaced. While the diameter of the bamboo pole cannot be changed, the height is more flexible as it is simple to cut it to the right size. Our products can be tailor-made, so don’t worry to place an order for it.

Bamboo fences can be installed in many places. For indoors, they can be installed as a screen, either for better privacy or for decoration use. For outdoors, they can be the rooftop of a bench, or an enclosing wall of your small garden.

Yellow Bamboo 

Purple Bamboo 

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