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Bamboo Wall Panel

Add a modern while rustic sense of nature to any décor.
Bamboo Wall Panel is a thin bamboo board serves as decorative and protective covering for the wall. It also provides insulation and soundproofing function. Ranging from flat panels to 3D ones, we provide a large variety of beauties in different shape.

Cotton Plain Wall Panel

Bamboo Wall Panel

Bamboo Stalks are cut and compressed to form a high density block and prepared for interior use. The boards race premium hardwood in performance and can match up with our floor.

3D Wall Panel

Fashionable and yet so simple, Verdee moulded wall panels offer 3 dimensional relief to flat wall surfaces. Moulded from renewable plant fibre (Bamboo and Sugarcane) the offered design range is comprehensive giving unique dimensional form with effects on light and colour over any wall surface.  Easily installed and finished the effect is one of European quality and style. the way is incredibly economical so please call to discuss.

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