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Verdee Strand Woven Bamboo Outdoor Decking / Cladding

The designer used the plain-looking bamboo panels to create an urban bamboo forest landscape. The natural carbonized color is warm and solemn which make the site llooks quiet and peaceful.

Verdee Strand Woven Bamboo Outdoor Decking / Cladding is weather-resistant and durable. Compared with the first-class outdoor wood, its performance is significantly higher, achieving the dual benefits of lower maintenance costs and more environmentally friendly.

*The same product with charcoal colour have been installed in the "Kwun Tong Community Green Station" project (HKSAR government project). In the past three years, except for the natural color fading, the board has not burst and deformed.

*The Stable door panels made by this product have been supplied to The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shatin and Happy Valley Stables since 2018, with excellent quality.

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