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Verdee Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring - Urban Grey

VERDEE BAMBOO's flagship product - VERDEE NATURE bamboo flooring. In addition to the basic natural colors, there are also COLOUR series formulated to match the fashionable decoration style; including bright and refreshing - Cotton White, warm feeling - Mocha, cool style - Ebony, vintage style - Urban Grey and energetic - Autumn Gold. All of them uses German KLUMPP coating to provide anti-scratch protection.

The Urban Grey bamboo flooring (see picture) is based on the carbonized color in the natural series, which is closer to the original carbonized color under sunlight, and can be seen in grey-brown under the light. Urban Grey bamboo flooring provide just the right amount of warmth to the house. While grey tones add a stylish feel that easily matced the minimalist decor theme.

(Thanks to customer for providing photos / Tai Po Centre, Hong Kong)

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