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RUBIO MONOCOAT - "revolutionary technology"

Rubio Monocoat claims their Natural Oil Finish is truly a “revolutionary technology”

This plant-based hardwax oil adheres to the uppermost layer of wood through molecular bonding. As the oil bonds with the wood, superfluous oil is left to be moved further than conventional oils would allow. The result is an astounding 400 sq. ft. of coverage per liter! Compared to the 3 gallons (11.4 liters) and three applications of conventional finishes needed to achieve the same effect, Rubio Monocoat is an economically and ecologically smart alternative.

Available in dozens of colors, Rubio Monocoat’s Oil Plus 2C (interior oil) is a stain and finish easily applied over all species of wood. The unique blend of natural vegetable products and lack of VOCs make this an excellent choice for floors, furniture, cabinetry, architectural woodwork, toys and even food contact surfaces.

EXTERIOR MONOCOAT Rubio Monocoat’s exterior line combines their zero VOC hardwax oil technology with UV protection. The Hybrid Wood Protector exterior oil is long lasting against UV radiation and wood rot, keeping exterior wood looking fresh – still with just one coat!

The exterior line is available in a range of traditional wood tones and pop colors for use on decks, fencing, furniture, planter boxes and more.

Whether your project is inside or out, Rubio Monocoat is a great choice. Stop by the Paint Bar to see color samples on real wood, or better yet, bring in a piece of wood and try some!

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