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Verdee Strand Woven Charcoal Bamboo Outdoor Decking

A new generation of deep carbonization technology has created the most sun-resistant and durable - Verdee Charcoal Bamboo Outdoor Decking. Various weather-resistant technologies are added during the production process. It is thick and natural, it can be installed on the floor, wall, ceiling, etc

Compared with solid wood outdoor flooring, "Verdee Strand Woven Charcoal Bamboo Outdoor Decking" has longer service life, lower maintenance cost, extremely low thermal expansion and cold contraction. Not easy to warp, distort or discolor. It is a more durable and affordable outdoor decking choice. Bamboo's rapid growth characteristics are far more environmentally friendly than solid wood floors.

"Verdee Charcoal Bamboo Outdoor Decking" has been applied to some Hong Kong government project like "Kwun Tong Community Green Station" and "Yuen Long Community Green Station". The pictures show that it has been installed for more than two years without maintenance and oil replenishment or board replacement. The board is still in very good condition and it looks satisfactory.

Welcome to ask for samples and make an appointment for quotation.

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