VOLLER Diamond RVP Flooring

​​Simple & Practical

VOLLER Diamond RVP Flooring is 100% waterproof, scratch and stain resistant, anti-slip and durable. It is ideal for residential and commercial use.

VOLLER RVP Flooring is composed of the following layers:

WEAR LAYER: A top layer made if pre vinyl protects your planks from scratches and dents. This wear layer determines how long your flooring can last.

VINYL LAYER: The vinyl layer provides your planks with a design. With the latest advances in print-film technology and embossing, you can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns. Plus, your floors can look like tile, hardwood, etc.

BASE LAYER: This cushioned layer is usually made from IXPE materials that will reduce impact noise carried through the floorboards or walls of your home. If you are standing for long periods of time, this provides added comfort.

UV COATING: A layer of ultraviolet gives patterns a little shine, and it makes the decor looks like real and solid wood. Moreover, the planks become easier to clean and maintain because of it. 

Realistic Wood - Snow


Realistic Wood - Beige

RVP Beige

Realistic Wood - Smoke Grey


Realistic Wood - Cream

RVP Ivory_edited.jpg

Realistic Wood - Light Oak

RVP Light Oak

Realistic Wood - Maple


Realistic Wood - Red Oak

RVP Red Oak

Realistic Wood - Silver

RVP Silver

Realistic Wood - Teak

Realistic Stone - Ancient Stone

Realistic Stone - Cement

Realistic Stone - Elephant Grey

RVP Teak
RVP Ancient Stone

Realistic Stone - Dolphin Grey 

Herringbone - Ivory

Herringbone - Latte

Herringbone - Golden Oak